Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass, 2.2 Kilograms


Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass, 2.2 Kilograms (ARNOLD IRON MASS)

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NEW! Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass - Revolutionary All-In-One Weight Gainer*

Become Your Legacy

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass

iron mass™


  • Supports Gains in Hard, Dense Muscle Mass & Strength*
  • Features “Muscle Plasma Protein Technology”
  • Contains A Blend of Healthy Fats, Complex Carbohydrates & BCAA Nitrates*
  • 40g Protein, Low Sugar, Gluten-Free*


Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with MusclePharm® scientists and together they created a revolutionary weight gainer. In order to stimulate rapid muscle growth (and do this without spurring fat development) it takes both calories and precise nutrient partitioning to create the muscle building environment an athlete needs. As a whole new kind of all-in-one Mass Gainer, this supplement addresses every angle of muscle building. It utilizes a 5-stage Mass Delivery System, comprised of advanced protein technology, elite complex carbs, healthy fats, cutting-edge performance ingredients and a balanced digestive blend—plus it’s low in sugar and tastes delicious!*



Attacks Every Angle of Muscle Building!*

  1. Elite Complex Carbohydrates Matrix:             Quicker recovery & muscle building, giving muscles a skin-splitting look*
  2. Muscle Plasma Protein Technology:             40g of a potent blend of hydrolyzed beef protein and lactoferrin protein*
  3. High Performance Healthy Fats:             Blend of healthy fats (EFA’s), MCT’s and saturated fats which are essential for hormone production*
  4. Performance Growth & Muscle Volumizer:             Creatine and BCAA nitrates help promote muscular strength, size and endurance*
  5. Pro-Digest Blend:             Special dietary fiber blend, aids with digestion of added protein, carbs and fat you need to Get BIG—AND STAY BIG.*

Iron Mass Delivers More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't.

QUALITY CALORIES, CUTTING-EDGE PROTEIN, COMPLEX CARBS, ADDED GOOD FATS, MORE TASTE, EXTRA FIBER—AND ZERO BS FILLERS. Iron Mass™ includes the cutting-edge Muscle Plasma Protein Technology. This potent combination of hydrolyzed beef protein and lactoferrin protein contains more bioactive protein and peptides with MORE THAN THREE TIMES the growth factor levels of whey protein. Its blend of EFA’s (healthy fats), MCT’s and saturated fats are essential for the body’s hormone production. By increasing your healthy fat intake, you support testosterone production, which creates more lean muscle and, ultimately, gains in strength.*

The elite carbohydrate performance and glycogen-loading system delivers high-energy complex carbs. Working with the advanced fat blend, it allows for quicker recovery and muscle building while also ensuring your glycogen levels don’t spill out into body fat. This Elite blend of complex carbs also helps “pull” water into muscles to support fullness, pump and hardness to give your muscles that round, substantial, skin splitting look. Our performance blend of creatine and BCAA nitrates assists with promoting muscular strength, size, and endurance. Lastly, our special dietary fiber blend aids with the digestion of the added protein, carbs and fat needed for getting big—and staying big!*

Iron Mass Featurning Muscle Plasma Protein Technology: A Cutting-Edge Combination of Hydrolyzed Beef Protein and Lactoferrin Protein.